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Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Tuition
Based on 11 Week Class Session per Fall, Winter, & Spring

Class Fees are calculated on a "1-hour class per week" basis.
“Preschool 1 Combo”, “Preschool 2 Combo”, “Kindergarten Combo” and “K. & 1st Grade Pre-Ballet” classes
are 45 minutes in length but these classes are still charged the "1-hour class per week" rate.

For all multiple classes beginning at the 3rd class hour.
Check out the New Rate for Unlimited Classes!!

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Memorial Scholarship Funds
Hours Per Week/Per Session
Fall, Winter, Spring
Amount/11 wk Session
30 minutes $100.00  
1 hour / 11 class hours $165.00 1st class hour is $165
1 hour 15 minutes $205.00  
1 hour 30 minutes $245.00  
2 hours / 22 class hours $325.00 2nd class hour is $160 ($5 discount)
2 hour 15 minutes $362.00  
2 hours / 30 minutes $400.00  
3 hours / 33 class hours $475.00 3rd class hour is $150 ($10 discount)
3 hour 15 minutes $508.00  
3 hours / 30 minutes $542.00  
4 hours / 44 class hours $610.00 4th class hour is $135 ($15 discount)
4 hour 15 minutes $638.75  
4 hours 30 minutes $667.50  
5 hours / 55 class hours $725.00 5th class hour is $115 ($20 discount)
5 hour 15 minutes $747.50  
5 hours 30 minutes $770.00  
1st family member
6 hours / 66 class hours =
Unlimited Classes
$815.00 6th class hour is $90 ($25 discount)
1st family member Unlimited Classes
Each additional family member per account will pay $165 for the 1st class hour,
then all additional class hours are FREE!

Quarterly Administrative Fee: $10 Per Student Per Quarter

We are now accepting Master Card, Visa, Discover Card, American Express, check or cash as payment!


ALL TUITION is due by the First Class of the Session,
unless special arrangements are made for monthly accounts.
In that case, the responsible party must give the studio a credit card number
and the account will be automatically charged on the 10th of each month.
A $5.00 processing fee will be assessed per Session for this service.

Tuition Policies
* New customers must pay in full before a class position is held.
* Continuing customers may hold a place for their child by paying a $75.00 deposit.
* Full payment is due by the first class of each Session.
* All fees are non-refundable. Once a student is enrolled and has taken a single class,
there will be no refunds for any reason unless the class is cancelled.
* There are no deductions for missed classes and no credits transferred to another Session.
* There will be a 10% non-refundable charge to drop a class
after enrollment information has been processed.
* Tuition is never pro-rated. Students who enroll after a Session has begun
are required to make-up any missed classes within that Session.

Miller Marley does not send out bills.
We do send out late statements including late fees.

As a courtesy to our valued customers we give a full 30 days grace period
before an account is considered late.

It is the customer's responsibility to pay tuition on the following schedule;

September 1st – Fall Session Tuition is due
December 1st – Winter Session Tuition is due
March 1st – Spring Session Tuition is due
June 1st – Summer Session Tuition is due

Miller Marley provides this information in the following forms:

* Enrollment Information provided to the customer every Fall and Summer session,
which the customer is required to sign.
* It is posted on the Miller Marley web site Calendar
* Posted in every Studio window 1 month prior
* Mentioned on the voice mail message 1 month prior

Late Fees
* Any account not paid within 30 days will be charged a 10% late fee.
* Accounts 60 days late will be charged a 20% late fee.
* Accounts 90 days late will be submitted for collection.
* Any account submitted for collection will be charged for all costs of collection
including attorney's fees.
* All returned checks will be assessed a $20.00 fee.

Cancellation of Classes
We must have a minimum of 10 students enrolled to provide a class.
If fewer than 10 students are enrolled by the second week,
the class will be canceled. At that time, we will do out best
to re-schedule your class. If this is not possible we will
refund your tuition minus $15.00 per class taken.

• Once enrollment fees have been processed, there will be a 10% charge
to drop a class or classes.
• A Drop Class Form must be completed and turned in to the office
by the 1st day of the Quarter.
• If the Drop Class Form is received after the 1st day of the Quarter,
the responsible party still will be obligated to pay the tuition
for the dropped class/classes and any and all fees for that Quarter.
• Regardless of whether a student is attending class/classes,
the studio will continue to charge the account for any and all fees
until a Drop Class Form has been received.

Make-Up Policies
Missed classes cannot be made up in a Quarter for which the student has not paid.
Make-up classes should be taken within the Quarter in which they were missed.
We do not carry over make-ups from the school year
into the Summer Quarter and vice-versa.
Making up classes in advance is also encouraged.
If the studio is closed due to inclement weather,
the student must make-up the classes that were missed.

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